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Muslim groups slam Tories 'Islamophobic' London...
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Muslim groups slam Tories 'Islamophobic' London...

Image source: The RT website The London mayoral election has been accused of sinking to “disturbing lows” by Muslim groups who say the Conservatives are deliberately exploiting racial tensions to help their candidate Zac Goldsmith beat Labour’s Sadiq Khan. The... Read More

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YouElect Voter Registration Drive!
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YouElect Voter Registration Drive!

YouElect held a voter registration drive to make sure as many young people from Ethnic Minority backgrounds as possible were registered to vote before the deadline for the London Mayoral Elections. We visited schools and Sixth Form colleges across London... Read More

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Are you registered to vote?

  In order to vote during elections and referendums it is essential that you register to vote in... Read More

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Questions to The Home Secretary

On 17th December, the Home Affairs Committee convened to ask questions to Home Secretary Theresa May.... Read More

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Is this Gap advert racist?

What do you see in this picture? Four young friends posing playfully for the camera? Another forgettable marketing campaign? Or a glaring example of a type of passive racism that persists across corporate America? That's the debate that's been playing... Read More

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"Many of the problems Brexiters are complaining about seem to be connected to tax havens such as Cayman Islands than to a polski sklep in Bognor Regis. We would do better to focus on that"
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